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Broomstick casting

Broomstick Casting

Enjoy this low-tech method of casting using tightly wrapped broom straw as you work with pieces that have a stalagmites and stalactite effect. Each student will receive a piece of the broomstick casting to finish a piece of jewelry.

spring 2017

Artist: Barbara Vogt

Very exciting. The results were excellent.

A. Corcoran, 9th-12th grade, Northwest High School, Wichita

The content was linked to the physical sciences as well as the creative fine arts in order to create a metal cast. The goal was to offer an opportunity to create a unique piece of art using an unusual technique like that of Broomstick Casting. The finished art pieces were unique. The students absolutely enjoyed the opportunity.

J. Cole, Mead Middle School, Wichita
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Workshop one class Grade 6 - Grade 12 Math
Two sessions, 60-90 minutes. 60-minute option, $267 plus $3 per student supplies (does not include stones); 90-minute option, $379 plus $3 per student supplies (does not include stones). (Both options include planning meeting and two sessions with the same students.)

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