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Handmade Paper from Recycled Material (1st-12th grade)

Students recycle scrap paper into pulp, followed by hand-pulled sheets of paper. Working independently and in teams, students will make several sheets of rectangular paper as well as creative shaped paper. Holiday themes available. Emphasis is placed on chronological instruction, verbs, collaboration, planning, and problem solving. Activity instruction sheets are available as PDFs. A nearby water source and electrical outlet are required, as is a 20-30-minute set-up time and clean-up time. Teachers with large classes are encouraged to enlist extra adult help.

Available Monday-Friday

Artist: Susie Cunningham

Science was used as we learned color placement on color wheel. We talked about the physical elements of our environment while painting a landscape picture. Suzie patiently worked with kindergarten students and gave them a very successful artistic experience.
P. Auchterlonie, Caldwell Elementary, Wichita

Our students absolutely loved the papermaking program.

Ms. Jones, Mead Middle School, Wichita
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Residency 1 class, maximum 24 students Grade 1 - Grade 12 Language Arts
$294 (includes planning meeting and three 45-minute sessions with same students) plus $1.50 per student. $25 minimum for supplies. $1.50/student additional for each student beyond 25.

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