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African American Heroes and Heroines of Education and the Civil Rights Movement (for 9th-12th grade)

Stories may include those about Harriet Tubman, Mary McLeod Bethune, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; The Little Rock Nine; Elizabeth Eckford; Vinney's Free Papers?; and/or George Washington Carver. Please let us know when booking if it is important that a specific topic above be included. Also available is the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to a rap beat.

Available Monday-Friday

Artist: Jean Pouncil-Burton

These skills all apply directly to my students' performances on their oral and written IB exams. Storytelling and improvisational speaking are important life skills.
--J. Fry, East High, Wichita

This whole storytelling assignment really just expanded my thoughts and knowledge about not only my fellow classmates, but the history of people and cultures different from mine. Storytelling has allowed me to stand back and think about the past and how it translates to today. This was freakin sweet.
--Student of J. Fry, East High IB program, Wichita

Jean Pouncil-Burton's presentation was done at an engaging pace and with the main idea clear within the story. She maintained a pace that kept the students engaged and allowed them to participate verbally. She used a rhythm that other characteristics could be used in, or any idea to motivate and support one's self.
----K. Black, Chisholm Life Skills Center, Wichita

What an amazing presentation! The kids really enjoyed it and so did I!
---D. Urban, St. Patrick School, Wichita
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Performance Grade 9 - Grade 12 History / Social Studies
Language Arts
$286 performance

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