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EP on the Go! Bring an Activity: Chemistry & Chromatography

Chemistry and art complement each other in their processing skills, and in our discussion with students, we will focus on their connection. Chromatography, a main component in visual art, is used in science to look at the different chemicals in plants (and many other items). Students will experiment with a color chameleon reaction, followed by creating a chromatography art piece that will teach the students about the combination of all colors in the color block and allow them to make a design using the chromatography method.

Contact Education Manager Traci Kalhoff at Exploration Place. (316) 660-0665, tkallhoff@exploration

Artist: Exploration Place

Except for Dome and the Exhibits, all programs and shows are available at Exploration Place or at your facility with Science on the Go.
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Workshop minimum 10, maximum 30 students per classroom Grade 2 - Grade 8 Science
$60 per classroom. Please note: Locations outside of a 25 mile radius from Exploration Place will be charged mileage fee of $15 for the first 30 miles and $.50 per additional mile. There is a 5% administrative fee for schools using partnership funds.

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