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Star Book and Name Design

Origami Plus Geometry (4th-12th grade)

Students complete an Origami Star Book then use the Geometric Name Design process to create a front cover for the book.

Students will fold two-dimensional paper into three-dimensional stars to create fold-out origami books. Students will then create covers for their books using a radial, geometric name design process incorporating symmetry, reflections, rotations, fractions, quadrants, horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines and more.
The end product is a "one-of-a-kind" book and cover to take home or use as a writing prompt. A wonderful way for students of all ages to learn and reinforce math skills. Please click on the image below to see a detailed finished product!


Artist: Pamela Lamont

Pam was absolutely fantastic. She had a great rapport with the students and their classroom teachers.

A. Call, Librarian, Kensler Elementary, Wichita

The students and I really looked forward to having Pam come each day. I feel it is so important to use the arts to reach students besides using paper and pencil activities. It involves their whole body!

J. Benest, 2nd grade, Bostic Traditional Magnet, Wichita

My students had a lot of fun with the Geometric Name Design program. It was a good way to review concepts.

A. Sueper, 8th grade, St. Joseph Catholic School, Wichita
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Residency one class (20-25 students) with an extra adult to help the students Grade 4 - Grade 12 Language Arts
$379, includes planning meeting and four 45-minute workshops with the same group of students (plus $1.15 per student supplies)


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