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Watercolor Class: Let Gravity Work for You in a No-Drawing Approach to Painting (K-12th grade)

Led by professional teaching artist Susie Cunningham, students will learn about gravity and the language of basic watercolor techniques:
Gradiated Wash
Wet on wet painting
Masking subjects to retain the white of the paper Flat wash
Wet on dry

Students will:
Use different tools in addition to traditional brushes
Learn how to handle and care for brushes.
Learn the different effects of salt and sand on wet paint
Learn how to lift out wet paint to reveal the white paper
Use plastic bags to create texture
Use crumpled cut paper to create images
Learn how to scrape to create darkened lines.
Students will also learn about the horizon line. What is it, where will we put it in this painting and why?
There will be a chance the next day to use the newly-acquired skills to paint the subject of their choice.
During time when paper and paint need to dry or rest, students will work on making some mini paintings or bookmarks.


Artist: Susie Cunningham

Science was used as we learned color placement on color wheel. We talked about the physical elements of our environment while painting a landscape picture. Suzie patiently worked with kindergarten students and gave them a very successful artistic experience.
P. Auchterlonie, Caldwell Elementary, Wichita

Our students absolutely loved the papermaking program.

Ms. Jones, Mead Middle School, Wichita
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Workshop one class, maximum 24 students Kindergarten - Grade 12 Language Arts
Two-session option: $209 (includes planning meeting and two 45-minute sessions with same students) plus supplies $1.25 per student. Three-session option: $294 (includes planning meeting and three 45-minute sessions with same students), plus supplies $25 minimum or $1.85 per student.

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