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Song of the Wind, Dance of the Sky! How Weather Can Inspire Music and Movement (4th-5th grade)

Imagine a movie without music and sound effects, or dancing without music. Enter the duo of Pamela Lamont and Trevor Stewart.

Working with the principles of choreography, students will use movement skills to learn and communicate information about the structure and attributes of the atmosphere defining our climate.

Students will then learn how music communicates information, and they will create music to accompany their choreographed movements. By choosing a key, rhythm and words to pair with the dance, they will learn how music and dance go hand in hand to communicate information.

In a culminating event, students will perform their "dances" and their music, incorporate the elements of the science of weather in this kinesthetic and musical residency. This residency will require ample space for group movement.

An introductory visit from the weather professionals at Wichita's National Weather Service/NOAA can be scheduled in conjunction with this residency!

Planning meeting with Pam & Trevor
Intro - Chance Hayes
Day 1 - Pam
Day 2 - Pam
Day 3 - Trevor
Day 4 - Pam
Day 5 - Pam & Trevor
Day 6 - optional culminating event
The workshops can be scheduled for 45, 50 or 60 minutes in length.


Artist: Move to the Music with Pam and Trevor

Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Residency one class Grade 4 - Grade 5 Science
Residency of 45-minute workshops, $758. This includes the introductory visit by the National Weather Service, one duo planning meeting, 5 workshops (1 duo workshop) with the same group of students, and an optional culminating event.

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