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A Stitch in Time (K-1)

Natalee and her sidekick puppets will have your students counting along with her interactive stories that provide development for relational communications. The stories cover counting to five and to nine. These stories (with a STEM focus) teach problem solving, persevering, reasoning, and use of structure within a story. Choices, consequence and relationships are also intertwined in the lessons.
The three closing points in the stories are: a Stitch in time saves nine, Union gives strength, and Understanding different viewpoints.
Natalee ends with a short presentation on bees and an example of a real bee hive. The main stories told are:

5 Quarreling Brothers (Aesop fable) Focusing on the number 5. Includes discussion of cooperation, strength and team work
5 blind men (India folk tale) includes communications regarding understanding of others' viewpoints.
A Stitch in Time (Original story) Little bear doesn't listen to his mother and goes off chasing a bee and learns the valuable lesson of 'a stitch in time saves nine.'

Primary Level- K, 1
Math Standards
K.CC.A.2 - Know numbers names and the count sequence
K.CC.B.4 - Count to tell the number of objects
K.OA.A.1 - Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from
1.OA.B.3 - Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.
1.OA.C.5 - Add and subtract within 20

Artist: Natalee Roe

Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Workshop one class Kindergarten - Grade 1 Language Arts
$85 (one 45-minute session)

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