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The Silver Line (6th-8th Grades)

The Silver Line Residency is an Arts Partners program developed in 2015 with funding from the Ulrich Museum of Art.

A play on words, The Silver Line Residency will engage students in researching current humanitarian issues through art, with a focus on race relations, poverty, civil rights, and urban life. Students will identify one image by Gordon Parks that they feel reflects these themes in a personally affecting way. Students will additionally identify one image/symbol that serves as a personal response that establishes a strong narrative relation to "hope, change, or beauty." Using their selected images, students will then translate the "issue" through a black and white painting, creatively juxtaposing the "response," or "the silver lining" in color, within the composition. This enables critical thinking about current cultural issues, painting as a political/narrative device, and art/design principles.

SECD: Social Awareness, Core Principles

Artist: Josh Tripoli

Josh has been so great with our kids and the staff and students at our school are so happy and impressed with our mural. Josh is extremely professional and we are so lucky to have him as part of this experience.
O. Orozco, Hamilton Middle School
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Residency one class Grade 6 - Grade 8 History / Social Studies
Kansas History
Language Arts
$464 includes five 45-minute workshops and a planning meeting. Minimal supplies TBD at the planning meeting.

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