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Five Secret Words

Five Secret Words Pssst, lean closer. Did you know that there are "five secret words" that you can use anytime and anyplace to help you write or tell a fantastic story? Come to this workshop and find out what they are! Two 45-minute sessions, Overstake introduces the concepts of plot and story telling in a fun and memorable way. His first session introduces the Secret Words. Then the students use the outline to write their stories with their teachers in class. Overstake returns two days later to explore the stories with the students and make a pitch for writing as a career.


Artist: Grant Overstake

"[T]he concepts of self-control, delayed gratification and perseverance are more important now than ever before. Today's youth deserve adults in their lives who will not only teach them these concepts but will model these skills in their daily lives. Mr. Overstake does an amazing job of introducing "Grit" to both students and staff alike. I highly recommend his program to each and every school and staff."

Mr. Mike Meyer, M.Ed.; Social Studies/Science Teacher, Team Leader, Holy Savior Catholic Academy

" of the most successful [assembly programs] we had in years."

C. Jones, School Counselor, Beech Elementary
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Workshop one class Grade 3 - Grade 5 Careers / Life Skills
Language Arts
$209 includes planning meeting and two sessions with the same group of students

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